A Poem on Lucretian Fluidity

This is a little poem I wrote while reading The Birth of Physics by Michel Serre, whom I will quote soon:

Fall, Swerve, Fall, Avoid,

Atoms descend in an infinite void.

Tangent diverge, tangent depart,

What miniscule angles push it apart?

Linear Break, Linear Swerve,

Maelstrom matter on infinite curve.

Turbulence enters, Turbulence reigns,

Vortices form where the aggregate deigns.

Cataract surges, Cataract rushes,

Aqueous matter endlessly gushes.

Water is all, Water is matter,

Lucretius we scorn, Newton we flatter.

Perpetual Motion, Perpetual form.

Fluid Mechanics with dynamic storm.

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